Alex Romane - Direct Democracy and the Nature of God

[First edition published in 2009]

If [as the religions state] God existed before everything, then it is not possible for God to then have needs of anything it created. Without realising this obvious logic, the religions have produced whole books listing God's needs, requirements, and punishments if we disobey and, we have defined our laws in accordance with them.


If [as the religions state] God existed before everything then God has no needs
If God has no needs then God is vulnerable to nothing
If God is vulnerable to nothing then God can't be threatened
If God can't be threatened by anything then God has no purpose for laws
If God has no purpose for laws then we have free will
If we have free will then there is no punishment
If there is no punishment then there is no Hell
If there is no Hell then there is no evil or Devil


"After discussions with several book publishers, I chose the British Library so that I could release this book free of charge to the public. Other publishers had recommended a minimum retail price of £39.99 for the printed hardback version while banning an eBook version but, this would have compromised the environment as well as access to the book for the many people who I believe will benefit from reading it. All I ask is that you share info about the People's Administration and direct democracy and that you seriously consider voting for full-on true democracy in general elections, as opposed to voting for so-called 'representatives'.

However, if you do want to make a donation then please consider buying a music download from my music website. For environmental reasons, myself and my record company [EMP] refuse to distribute music on non-liquid formats. The manufacture of just one compact disk creates 1 Kg of carbon dioxide and, music CDs alone contribute 2,455,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide every year to the environment and since creating this policy in 2009, I have failed to convince other musicians and music distributors to follow suit - they seek to prioritise their ego and their income from CDs, above the well-being of this planet.

While I have no issue with the followers of religion themselves - my former girlfriends and current friends and colleagues include Muslims, Sikhs, Catholics, and Christians and while I work for free and without conditions endlessly for the Muslims of Palestine against their own so-called 'representatives' and the hard line Jews of Israel, I DO take issue with the Jewish influence of Western governments and media. I have a relative who worked as a journalist for the Jewish-owned Time/Aol/Warner group and who informed me of the Jewish-oriented gate-keeping that his Jewish bosses deployed when censoring his articles about Israel's military and political attacks against Palestine. I was anti-Hebdo and I never consciously aim to disrespect the Abrahamic religions but, I do take issue with the Qur'anic obligation placed upon all Muslims to install Sharia Law in-place of democracy in non-Islamic countries, with Islam's prophet for choosing a 6 year-old wife when aged 42, with him invading and conquering Mecca and then Jerusalem [formerly Jewish lands], with his Qur'anic child rape fatwas that are still issued around the world to this day and that I believe any fair-minded Muslim would also disagree with, and with Islam's Saudi Government for amending the words in the Qur'an in 2014 so as to present that Mohammed talked about "tanks, planes, and bombs" in around 500 AD. I've read several versions of the Qur'an and their derivatives and while they do mention that changing Mohammed's and Allah's words amounts to blasphemy, they never mention that Mohammed claimed to be psychic. My fight is NOT against the followers of the Abrahamic doctrines, but is against their 'leaders' who I believe lie to them about the nature of a creator God and therefore what God 'needs' of them, so as to divide and control us all. I believe that if these sick men are appeased without question, challenge, and debate, then we will therefore be co-creating a world where child rape is normalised and to me, this would amount to co-creating Hell on Earth and so, it is the on-set of Hell on Earth that I fight - not Muslims, Sikhs, Jews, or Christians themselves, for they are my friends, my colleagues, and my girlfriends.

Thanks, and hope you enjoy the book!"

Alex Romane

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To date, Alex Romane's political activism includes authoring documents [published by the world-renowned British Library] regarding Political Architecture and Religious Theory, previously working directly with David Cameron [independently] prior to establishing the PA, working on the Mid-East Peace Process directly with the Palestinian Authority, creating a potential £2 BN aid package for Somalia, forecasting and trying to prevent the UK riots, creating government-adopted policies, creating a potential solution for rising sea levels and diminishing water stocks [with TV presenter and inventor Trevor Baylis], publishing about Prism [and more] pre-Edward Snowden and, creating sustainable solutions for the economy and for democracy itself, the mainstream media will not feature the People's Administration simply because we stand for direct democracy and people politics over representative democracy and partisan politics and, they have told Alex this directly.

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Intro to the book:

As programmes that form a two-tier strategy of control, centralised partisan political systems seek to oppress true expression of the mind while religious systems seek to oppress true expression of the soul. Between them, they keep us separate from each other and separate from the truth of the nature of a God who created everything and, the books of the religions were the originators of the political propaganda and corporate marketing templates that are still in use against the people to this day.

The Bible [Proverbs 22:6] regarding brain-washing; "Train a child in the way he should go, and even when he is old he will not depart from it."

In all cultures, we debate moral issues without even acknowledging that there isn't actually a standardised moral code anywhere that we have all agreed to share and as such, we debate morals as 'facts' instead of as merely opinions. The reason for why this is so dangerous is because our common laws come from our morals [religious-influenced principals] instead of from our ethics [non-religious principals] and, all morals come ONLY from what the religious believe God wants from us. What we think God wants from us stems from our perception of the nature of God and so, if the religious perception of the nature of God is inaccurate and if most people on this planet follow a religion, this explains how the way that we live as 'God'-fearing humans is damaging to all life on this planet because, it is the religions themselves who actually confirm that their own perception of the nature of God is inaccurate.

If God has just one need then whatever it is, it must have existed before God did [for God to be dependent upon it] but, this would mean that God didn't create everything. This is a point of logic and so, if you [as a follower] continue to choose to empower what you have now seen is an illogical and contradictory doctrine that fears a 'God' who existed before everything yet who somehow also has needs and vulnerabilities, it will be because you consciously choose not to question the masculine-oriented religious conditioning that has consumed you [probably since birth] and if so, you make this choice in accordance with your fears but, with a God who has no needs, you have nothing to fear, nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

If you still believe that a God who existed before everything would punish anything for a reason other than need, then you are choosing to follow the doctrine of a 'God' who punishes purely out of desire and, when humans inflict pain on others purely out of personal desire, we label them as psychopathic. Such a 'God' would have less compassion than most humans do because most humans only punish their children because they believe that they need to - not because they desire to. Logically speaking, it can therefore only be undiagnosed psychopaths or those who don't have the courage to question, who would willingly respect the doctrine of such an overtly psychopathic and tyrannical 'God'.

Those who fight [in any context] in order to defend their God, do so purely to make themselves appear to be God's protector, which in-turn makes them appear God-like but, these egomaniacs miss that anything that can't be threatened by anything [because it existed before everything and so has no needs, dependencies or vulnerabilities], does not need to be defended from anything.

The logic above clearly demonstrates that a creator God loves ALL of us always, without conditions and, regardless of our behaviour.

Since 2009, I have continually invited scholars from all religions to justify [or even reason] their contradictory perception of the nature of God by amending the logic above and while all have attacked me for doing "the Devil's work" etc, none have been able to disagree with it [and therefore to amend it]. I feel that this reaction in itself demonstrates deeply-ingrained and inherent corruption and so until the religions can explain their fundamental contradiction as to how it is that their 'God' who created everything can then also have any needs, vulnerabilities and requirements of us or of anything, I feel that such a corrupt and dangerous belief system should be kept as far away from the mechanics of common law as possible.

If anyone can demonstrate to me how a God who existed before everything can also have needs and vulnerabilities, I will immediately amend the contents of this page and my eBook and, I will also come and work for your church, business or family for a whole year completely free of charge.

I believe that there is just:

Humans, other animals, plants and the elements
Our mismanaged pain and its resulting expressed behaviour [what the religions call 'evil']
Guardian Angels [human souls who choose with our agreement, to reincarnate with us in spirit form]
Nature Spirits [spirit form guardians of plants and animals]
Discarnate post-death emotional fragments [what the religions call 'evil' spirits]

I believe that when humans and animals die, the body, soul and emotions separate into three entities. The body goes into the ground, the soul returns to God but the emotional fragments [what the religions call 'ghosts', 'demons' and 'evil' spirits] often get stuck in between [the Astral] where until healed with love and without persecution, they remain lost and fearful - seeking comfort in both human and animal hosts [what the religions call 'possession'].

It is the violent, aggressive, demanding, dispassionate, thoughtless, abusive, irresponsible, self-righteous, misguided, ego-oriented [and now 'trendy'] act of the religious so-called 'exorcism' that actually interferes with the healing process of such entities and keeps them from being able to recycle because, such hurt and lost entities can ONLY be truly healed, blessed and cleared with courage, care and compassion [love] for both host and entity. We would also benefit if we were to treat abusive children in exactly the same way because, the more we reject and condemn such children [who are ALWAYS themselves victims of some form of abuse], the more hurt ['evil'] they will feel and the more abusively they will act.

For those of you who as children grew-up [particularly in a religious family] and who were told that your birth was an accident or a mistake, I'd like to re-mind you that even if your birth was unplanned, no one is born by accident or born unwanted and that your parents would have known of the possible consequences of their choices that led to your conception prior to conceiving you. This means that regardless of anything they may ever have said, if they refused the choice [for whatever reason] to terminate - you were wanted. Now that you can see that you were actually wanted, you can choose to not let your parent's denial of their own previous choices effect you and you can focus on making sure that your own children only ever know how much you wanted them - even if they were unplanned.

Our true beliefs are expressed more in the actions we take than in the words we express so, if you were born - you were wanted.

Technically, the UK is not a democracy of any form [unless you take your 'education' from anti-democratic propagandists such as Rupert Murdoch, the BBC and the political establishment] but, it is though the ONLY remaining theocracy/religious state in the Western world and, direct democracy would be the most efficient way of ridding common law of Christian religious law because direct democracy would automatically remove all centralised religious influence from Parliament and the mechanics of common law. The original template for use in defining ALL English law was Moses' Ten Commandments from the Old Testament [a book now regarded by most Christians around the world to be confused, irrelevant, and reformed through the New Testament]. In a Christian theocracy and without true and direct democracy, it is not possible for Atheists, non-Christians and non-religious believers of God to partake in general elections without also empowering the Christian church and, this mass discrimination and abuse of what little notion of democracy the UK has didn't occur by accident or by so-called 'coincidence'.

Continued on the PA direct democracy website...

Message from Alex Romane:

"Since 2009, I have invited any religious follower or Scholar to convert me to their religion simply by showing me how ANY 'sin' listed in their book can ever be a threat to God and therefore an act worthy of punishment, when God created everything and so has no needs and therefore no vulnerabilities, and so can't be threatened. If you can explain your God's need to punish for just one single 'sin', and to therefore justify your entire book, I will convert to your religion, amend this web page, and revise and re-release my eBook to reflect this change but, if your God punishes purely out of desire and not out of need or even perceived need, then at any cost, I will never choose to be with this 'God' because in my view, this 'God' exists only in your book and in your mind - where I prefer it to stay."